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Five Things You Should Know About Fiber Optics in Premises Cabling:

1.  No other media can provide more bandwidth for your high-performance networks.

2.  Optical fiber is immune to EMI/RFI and alien cross-talk issues and has no distance limits.

3.  Optical fiber will  migrate to 10, 40, and 100G Ethernet; providing  future-proofing.

4.  Server and switch electronics that use optics require less power to operate and maintain.

5.  Optical cable and hardware can offer dramatic space savings, on floor and in-ceiling.

Fiber Equipment Rack Fiber Headend for DIRECTV Managed DRE

What is Premises Cabling?

By premises cabling, we mean the cabling used inside buildings (and in restricted geographic areas like campuses or among business facilities) that follows industry standards. Mostly, we are referring to structured cabling systems defined by TIA-568 or ISO/IEC 11801 and related standards that are used for LANs, telephone systems, and even other systems adapted to structured cabling like CCTV, security, or building management. Other systems that depend on cabling such as security and building control are migrating to structured cabling for its widespread availability and predictability.

The "Cables" of "Cabling"

 The choice of cable in network cabling (or communication medium as it is sometimes called) is rather important because of the extremely high frequencies of the signals. Sending a 60-cycle utility power through a wire rarely presents a difficulty but sending a 1 or 10 billion bits per second signal can be a lot more difficult. For this reason, the method of sending signals and the materials they are sent through can be important.

Copper and Fiber Systems:  Design  .  Installation  .  Testing  .  Service  .  Repair  .  Certification  .  Documentation

 Our certified technicians will perform any task necessary to return your fiber network to operating at peak performance and will do so quickly and efficiently.

We adhere to industry standards and best practices for all installations and repairs. We also provide our customers with documentation and peace of mind.