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What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a process of delivering digital audio, video, and information. This is accomplished through a network where system management is critical. Let AVCOMM’s experts help deliver your cost effective digital signage that is customized to engage your specific audience.

What are the advantages of Digital Signage?

I’ve decided to use digital signage, but I’m not sure what type.

AVCOMM Technology Solutions LLC provides complete turn-key systems. We will design, install, and provide content management services for all of our systems.  We will help you decide what options are best for your particular application. Digital Signage systems come in all shapes and sizes, and we will guide you toward the system that best fits your need.  

Can I afford it?

Digital Signage eliminates printing and distribution costs. It can increase the productivity of your employees and, quite often, is not as expensive as you would think. AVCOMM can manage your digital signage content and ensure proper operation so updates are efficient and expedient. If your competitor has it, so should you!

“As a modern replacement for the print media used in public locales, digital signage takes advantage of the flexibility offered by advances in audio-video technology, specifically the ability to integrate dynamic content as opposed to the static images delivered by simple printed signage”

Benefits of going digital…

Content Control:

Using digital signage enables users to make frequent, rapid changes to the messaging conveyed to an audience.

No paper waste:

Because digital signage doesn't require the use of paper for printing, there is no need to dispose of old messaging when it becomes outdated.

Cultural Acceptance:

The much more dynamic, multimedia-based communications method that digital signage uses is very effective in harnessing an audience's comfort level with the multimedia because of the familiarity with the format. This helps to create a more engaging experience.

Audience Targeting:

Because digital signage enables messages to be rotated, content can be targeted based on audience demographic.


Digital signage messaging can be controlled locally or remotely, depending on the site layout.

Revenue generation:

Because digital signage overcomes wall space limitations, which increases the available breadth of content, it is becoming increasingly common for venues such as hotels to advertise nearby businesses (e.g. restaurants, events). In doing so, revenue can be generated based on the ad space provided to the local businesses.

Digital Signage is Environmentally Friendly

Touch Screens Available!

Turn-Key Digital Signage Solutions